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Distractions are deterrents! Are you being Distracted?

Definition of Dis-

1a: do the opposite of disestablish

b: deprive of (a specified quality, rank, or object) disfranchise

c: exclude or expel from disbar.

Being Dissed is difficult for a person to encounter. This prefix "Dis" has a negative undertone,

Definition of traction:

: the support or interest that is needed for something to make progress or success of a product that is starting to gain traction among consumers

If you are on a quest to make something great happen in your life, you need positive traction to achieve it.

Wisdom of the day:

You don't need anyone sitting on side of you telling how to drive your destiny when they really are in secret competition with you. Real supporters don't get on side & talk! Real supporter get behind YOUR vision & support you by pushing YOUR vision along for YOUR success not theirs own, nor are they seeking recognition of YOUR accomplishments.

Anything else is a DISTRACTION to your vision. Find a group that will support you by allowing you to drive & them getting behind your vision to push you along. If they can't assist you, then true supporters will help find someone stronger than themselves to help you.

"Is this your life? Are you surrounded by a crowd around you watching? Could this be a factor in your being ineffective? Result of allowing DISTRACTIONS!

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